Lehfeldt Epee Action Map Version 1.0


Disclaimer: if you try to use this against an elite level fencer, you will end up in a body bag.

Hey folks,

For your viewing pleasure, I have put together somewhat of an epee action map. This is not a blueprint, but a compass on approaching an epee bout. The intended audience is for beginner to intermediate fencers, college club teams, and newer coaches who might want to start learning the proper presentations to give students in a given scenario.

This is more or less the flow of lessons I give, but it’s rather hard to take something as complex as epee fencing and present it in a linear fashion. Again, let me stress This is a compass, not a blue print! I hope this will be of use. I have included both a PDF and JPEG of my philosophies below. Feel free to share with friends/students/teammates. I intend to revise this periodically. Your feedback is appreciated.

Lehfeldt Action Map_Version 1.0 (PDF)

Lehfeldt Action Map_Version 1.0

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