The Washington Times- An Interview with Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse

Tim Moorehouse at Brandeis

When I began my fencing career at Brandeis University, there was one benchmark for fencing success that every fencer strove to match: Tim Morehouse.

“We live in Tim Morehouse’s shadow,” our captain used to say.

Morehouse cast a large shadow after a storied career at Brandeis, which featured three all-American titles—a feat no fencer has accomplished since. Morehouse’s success at Brandeis only grazed the surface of what has become one of the most storied fencing careers in American history. Morehouse would go on to win an Olympic Team Silver Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, two individual national championship titles in 2010 and 2011, and a top eight finish in the 2012 London Olympics.

Between his successful careers as a sabrist, writer, motivational speaker, E! News correspondent, and his new “Fencing in the Schools initiative,” Morehouse is seemingly able to squeeze 48 hours into one day.

He recently released a must-read autobiography, titled American Fencer, and he is gearing up for a March 13 launch of his new Fencing in the Schools program. We sat down with Morehouse to discuss his unofficial role as American fencing’s goodwill ambassador, his array of fencing initiatives, and what the future holds for his caree

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