The Washington Times- An Interview With Five Time World Champion Peter Joppich (Part 2)

WASHINGTON, March 4, 2013 — In Part 1 of our interview series with Peter Joppich, we talked with him about his origins in fencing, his relationship with his coach Uli Schreck, and his ability to play the mental aspect of fencing with ease.

In Part 2, we continue our talk with Peter about his training regimen, his legacy in fencingand his favorite memories in his fencing career.

Damien Lehfeldt: In as much detail as possible, walk us through what a typical day of training looks like for you.

Peter Joppich:

The sweet taste of victory Photo: AP

This a difficult question, because it depends on the part of the season.

Before the season: I start with physical training, running, lifting weights, and then I switch to fencing. I do footwork, get my first lessons and start fencing with my teammates.

During the World Cup season: My main fencing days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. On these days I get lessons, fence with my teammates or do footwork. On Monday and Friday I do physical training or recovery exercises after tournaments.

World Championship training: This is the most intensive training to get your body and mind in a good shape for the big stage. For the first three weeks, I do training camps and a lot of physical training like running and lifting weights.

For the last four weeks: fencing, lessons and footwork and on the weekends, fencing training camps with the first and second team and junior fencers.

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