Fencing.Net – Guide to Team Relay Fencing (Part 1)

There are few forms of fencing more exciting to watch (or partake in) than a team relay match. From the collective team energy to the joy of seeing a team act as a homogeneous unit, team fencing is, in my opinion, the most fun fencing can get. While team tournaments are a rarity at the local level, USA Fencing has increased the number of NACs that hold team events—including an expansion to Y10 team fencing in the coming season (WHY WHY WHY?!?!??!?!?!).

Because of the growing number of team events within fencing, I felt compelled to create a two part strategy guide to address team tactics. The first part of this series will discuss the individual roles fencers play on teams, and the second part of this series will show how to use each of the pawns in the game to effectively move towards victory in various scenarios.

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