2014 NCAA Fencing Championship Quick Hits (Day 1)

Women’s Saber You’re on fire when you’re 13-2 with a +45 indicator, but that’s Adrienne Jarocki’s start. Jarocki, my pick to win has been unstoppable today, dropping only a 5-4 bout to teammate Aliya Itkowitz (also in my top 4) and to Joanna Lew of Yale. Despite her hot start, Jarocki has a few difficult…

A Brief Primer on the Etiquette of Blade Sharing

Blade etiquette: If you borrow a blade from a teammate, and you break it, you buy them a brand new replacement blade of the same brand. I broke a teammate’s saber in competition this weekend and am ordering them a new one today. It is okay to respectfully decline sharing a blade with a teammate….