Diego Occhiuzzi’s Greatest Hits

Diego Occhiuzzi. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Diego Occhiuzzi. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Diego Occhiuzzi is a really good saber fencer. He took a Silver Medal in the London 2012 Olympics. He is also the Luis Suarez of fencing. Here are my favorite Diego Occhiuzzi moments:

This time that he just wouldn’t let the call go and he flipped out at the ref and got a card
This time he threw his mask at Kim.
This time he refused to shake his opponent’s hand after losing a bout 15-14.


This time he threw his saber at the referee instead of gently handing it over.
This time that flipping out at a referee, having a tantrum, and screaming at him earned him a yellow card.
Or this time that he got a yellow for jumping the gun, which turned into a red for excessive arguing.


This time he (probably) intentionally bell punched his own countryman.
This time that he lost a bout 15-14 on a card and just walked away from the piste instead of saluting or shaking his opponent’s hand.

Role model. This is how it’s done.

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  1. Unwillingness to salute your opponent or shake hands is a black card. He must just not care, since he’s presumably out of the competition anyway at that point?

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