The Road to Recovery (Part 3)



Cloudy with a chance of atrophy.
I got my cast off on Tuesday, which was nice, except for one minor problem: my left calf and quad have shrunk about 60% in size and I look like I have chicken legs. All that aside, my doctor says I’ve been healing quickly and put me on an aggressive regimen for recovery, and gave me the green light to start walking…with a boot.

I asked if I could walk out of the office. “Sure,” he said.

I stood up. I picked my left foot. Put it down. Huh?

In that moment, I realized in just one month off my feet, I had forgotten how to walk. Or perhaps it was the fact that I was simply too scared to put weight on it.

A few days later, and I’ve mastered the art of slow paced waddling. It’s progress!

Above all else, I’m grateful for my Doctor, Dr. Magur and his assistant Sarah Spiegelberg for being so encouraging and helpful throughout this process. I’m in great hands and I would recommend them highly to anyone in the DC area.

Forgive the Cliches, But…

I’ve definitely taken for granted the simple things in life, like being able to walk. Now that I’m somewhat back on my feet, I am truly grateful for it. As I watch my FitBit steps plummet in the last month and had to rely on everyone to take care of me, it’s nice to know that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been working out my upper body like a fiend, and spent 4 hours in the club last week doing target work. Hoping to develop a really strong hand and some good blade strength when I return. Max Heinzer style!


Breaking news, but refereeing is actually pretty fun. I had the opportunity to ref some great bouts at the Cherry Blossom. If this injury is my body telling me that it’s time to walk away from serious fencing, then at least I know I can still be a part of the sport as a coach/ref. Shortly after the Cherry Blossom, I took the general exam and passed that as well as the three weapon exams. I appreciate all the feedback provided to me by the refs at Cherry Blossom (Charles Greene, Mary Frye, Anna Maria Lu, etc.).

What’s Next

I start PT next week. Got to build myself back. Very excited for the road ahead!!!!

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