Bout Breakdown: Nikita Glazkov (RUS) vs. Yulen Pereira (SPA) – 2019 Challenge Reseau T8


This right here is as thrilling as a Fencing bout gets. You have two of the world’s best French grippers matching up in the 2019 Challenge Reseau Top 8.

The result of the match, a 15-14 thriller victory for Nikita Glazkov (RUS) over Yulen Pereira (SPA).

  • This was a bout paced at an even 16.0 seconds per touch, and featured 23 unique touches. Compared to the average of around ~17 seconds per touch I’ve recorded thus far, it’s pretty close to the mean.
  • If you want to show your students what perfection in half advances and half retreats looks like, just watch these two guys. Glazkov does a masterful job using his half advances and half retreats to deceive distance throughout, and at 14-14, delivers a beautiful half retreat into a fleche to come out with the win.
  • You can also show your kids how a good disengage looks. Most of Glazkov’s attacks came with a simple disengage, one tempo to the body, either in fleche or lunge. Pay attention to how tight he keeps his tip to Pereira’s guard when doing so. He doesn’t make a millimeter of unnecessary or extraneous movement.
  • It’s also another example of why the one tempo game is king, right now. Of the single lights recorded, Glazkov hit with 8 one-tempo actions, 1 two-tempo actions. Pereira with 6 one-tempo actions and 2 two-tempo actions.
  • We see a diversity of closing actions from both these guys, but the one-tempo direct fleche is king here. Glazkov hit that 6 times, whereas Pereira was able to find his direct lunge (4x) as his predominate action here.
  • One thing I love in watching Glazkov’s fencing, is that he embraces the mantra of “slow is okay.” He’s not a high-frequency footwork kind of guy, and his ability to decelerate into his closing actions is remarkably pretty. Look at the toe touch he scores with 2:00 remaining in the 2nd period as a prime example. He decelerates so effectively that Pereira doesn’t even extend to counterattack.
  • When does maintaining a lead matter? Well, until it doesn’t. Though the final score was 15-14, Pereira didn’t have the lead at any point in this bout. Glazkov held the lead for 19/23 touches, and had 204 consecutive seconds from the 1st period onward where he held control– that was…right up until Pereira tied things up at 14-14. A thrilling comeback, but Glazkov had the better plan at 14-all.

Touch by Touch Breakdown

PeriodScorePoint ForHitTemposType of ActionPoint Scored At:Time Between Touches
11-0 GlazkovGlazkovGlazkov starts with slow tempo in the box, then transitions to rapid half advance recover. Pereira doesn’t harmonize tempo, and Pereira finds moment to attack on direct fleche1Fleche2:2931
11-1 TiePereiraPereira pushes slowly as Glazkov retreats left of center. Glazkov makes a half advance into Pereira’s distance, preparing to attack, but Pereira gets an easy counterattack before Glazkov can fully elongate into his attack1Counterattack2:1019
12-1 GlazkovGlazkovOff the line, Glazkov surprises with simple disengage fleche1Fleche2:091
13-2 GlazkovDoubleGlazkov pulls, and goes for direct foot touch, recovering forward into close distance, both see an opening with fleche and attack simultaneously for double1Fleche1:1257
13-3 TiePereiraOff the line, Pereira does a slow half retreat, pulling Glazkov into his distance, then proceeds to directly lunge with slow acceleration1Lunge1:084
14-4 TieDoubleBoth play in the box, deceiving distance with half advances, neither committing to pushing or pulling. Off of his own half advance, Glazkov explodes into simple disengage fleche again but gets doubled out by Pereria1Fleche:5018
15-4 GlazkovGlazkovPereira comes off the line more aggressively, gets a little too close and stands up to counterattack. On his exposure, Glazkov comes out with simple disengage fleche1Fleche:473
16-5 GlazkovDoublePereira begins to push by showing arm, taking it away. Glazkov baits fleche attack with deceptive half advance. Pereira is a little too far out of distance and misses hit as his back foot crosses over. On remise, Glazkov doubles him out1Counterattack:425
17-5 GlazkovGlazkovGlazkov pulls, and on a large advance from Pereira, again he finds his disengage fleche1Fleche:2319
28-5 GlazkovGlazkovPereira ups the tempo and frequency of his footwork, trying to pull Glazkov, but Glazkov doesn’t want to follow. Pereira comes back into the box, and once again, Glazkov comes out with disengage fleche into Pereira’s advance1Fleche2:2634
28-6 GlazkovPereiraBrilliant timing from Pereira, and he finally finds the right moment to go on Glazkov’s half advance, hitting him with perfect tempo fleche1Fleche2:0620
29-6 GlazkovGlazkovBeautiful touch. Glazkov does a short feint to the hand with half advance and does a slow decelerated lunge to the foot. It catches Pereria so off guard he doesn’t even counterattack2Toe Touch2:006
210-6 GlazkovGlazkovGlazkov pulls, and Pereira does a fast fleche out of distance. Glazkov hits with counterattack on step back.1Counterattack1:3921
210-7 GlazkovPereiraPereira comes out a little faster, this time concealing his footwork with straight, slow advances instead of half advances. He does a stutter step, then a fast short advance to the hand and lunge to Glazkov’s body for one light2Lunge1:309
210-8 GlazkovPereiraPereira pushes slowly, and does a short lunge which Glazkov parries into himself. Even Pereira looks surprised he got the touch1Lunge1:282
211-9 GlazkovDoubleGlazkov, who usually prefers slow tempo ups the frequency of his feet and hand movements. He pulls and goes from a half advance into a fleche and gets doubled out1Fleche1:1315
212-10 GlazkovDoubleGlazkov pulls, and goes for his half advance to a delayed disengage fleche. Pereira counters for double1Fleche:5914
212-11 GlazkovPereiraPereira does a thrust and recovers his body forward into close distance (rather than recovering the arm), he finds moment to fleche direct, and Glazkov squats down to counter but misses. One light for Pereira1Fleche:3326
213-12 GlazkovDoubleGlazkov pulls again, with fast tempo in his feet. As Pereira steps into his distance, he does disengage lunge and gets doubled out with counter1Lunge:267
214-12 GlazkovGlazkovGlazkov does a half advance, pauses, and half retreats, but rather than break distance, he keeps it relatively close, and on Pereira’s step forward he does a disengage attack to the leg1Lunge:1214
214-13 GlazkovPereiraGlazkov attempts his half advance to deep attack, and Pereira’s barely moving forward in his advances. He finds the right moment to take parry 8, step in, and hit for one light2Parry-Riposte:39
314-14 TiePereiraPereira pushes slowly, and Glazkov stops rather than attempt to draw attack (or attack) on half advance. Pereira goes direct attack1Lunge2:4515
315-14 GlazkovGlazkovGlazkov pulls with rapid movements on his feet. On a half advance, Pereira squats down, thinking he’s drawn out Glazkov’s fleche. As Pereira continues pushing, Glazkov pulls something new into the bout: a half retreat to fleche. On his half retreat, Pereira comes forward, and he hits him one tempo for the win.1Fleche2:2619

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