Damien Lehfeldt for At-Large Director, USA Fencing


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Join Me!!!

  • Only USFA members 18 years of age and older (and in good standing) may vote in the upcoming elections.
  • To join the USFA, visit the following URL. You must become a member by February 1 to vote.
  • Supporting members ($25 annual fee) may vote in elections.
  • Join our mailing list here for important campaign updates reminders. You will receive no more than one email per month.
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  • Please use the hashtag #LehfeldtForBOD on Social Media to voice your opinions.
  • Keep updated with “The Fencing Coach.” I read every single comment posted!



Responses to the USA Fencing Nomination Committee Questionnaire

How do you envision your role and responsibilities as a board member for USA Fencing? First and foremost, I submit my candidacy to the nomination committee as a lover of the sport of fencing. As an experienced strategy consultant in the fields of non-profits, government, and financial services, I believe I can provide the vision, financial stewardship, and relevant work experience necessary to both plan and execute the goals of USA Fencing. Transparency is a priority issue in my platform, and I promise to regularly communicate with our stakeholders via monthly conference calls, social media, and other touchpoints as necessary. My responsibilities will be malleable to the needs of USA Fencing. Whether the board decides to prioritize an overhaul of technology,  discover new opportunities for revenue, or a need for more accessible information for new athletes, parents, and coaches, I stand ready to fulfill whatever responsibilities are delegated to me and exceed the expectations of the board.

What do you envision as the top-3 priorities for USA Fencing and why? (Please rank the goals and priorities you’ve chosen) I believe the top three priorities for USA Fencing are:

1.The Referee Experience

2.Olympic Development: Focusing on the Future of Fencing

3.Improved Technology

Please refer to my “issues” section for more information.


What involvement have you had in USA Fencing and/or what involvement have you had in any other organizations that might be relevant to this role? My experience with USA Fencing includes: 20 years as an active member, five years experience as a coach (including the coaching of a London Olympic athlete in modern pentathlon) the founder and editor in chief of “The Fencing Coach,” a blog that has received over one million reads, and previously serving on the division board of the Central Florida division. I have been an active fundraiser for our national team, our developmental programs (Fencing in the Schools), and other fencing related projects (documentaries, local team fundraisers). Through my work in consulting, I have experience in managing complex budgets, social media management, conducting requirements gathering/analysis, and business/innovation planning. I believe my skillset will be applicable to my potential role as At-Large Director, particularly when USA Fencing’s contract with RailStation expires.

What board experience have you had previously? Please detail major achievements of that board and your direct role in those achievements.

Previous board experience includes:

  • Top 5 Financial Institution Field Engagement Review Board – Assembled key stakeholders with mission to improve digital experience for both clients and financial advisors, and provided comprehensive brand platform, messaging, and training strategies to fulfill these goals.
  • VA-DoD Interagency Program Board – Assessed communication process cycle efficiency for two federal organizations and provided recommendations that improved efficiency by 72%.
  • Military Health Consolidated Portfolio Board – Gathered requirements for a new portfolio management system and measured stakeholder needs against vendor offerings to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive database for the client.

Please share any additional information you think would be relevant or you’d like us to know.  Thank you for accepting and reviewing my application. Please refer to my endorsements section for more information.

3 thoughts

  1. Liberty Fencing Club LLC and LFC / Swarthmore College / Team USA Maccabiah fencing coach Marshal Davis endorse The Fencing Coach Damien Lehfeldt for an At-Large position on the United States Fencing Association Board of Directors. #LehfeldtForBOD

  2. Damien, usually people come to me and ask if someone is Jewish. Can you please tell me if Eli Dershwitz is Jewish? I think he is but I want to ask you first before I update my website. http://www.NeilKeller.com. I could tell you about many Jews in fencing from Hungary that won medals in the Olympics many years ago. Thank you, Neil

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