Want to Know Who You’re Fencing Before the Tableau is Posted? Use this Simple Formula

Hell hath no fury like the stench of clustered fencers reviewing pool results and waiting for the tableau to post.

So you’ve finished pools, and the seeding gets posted. You’re sitting there waiting for the tableau to follow, and you have one question on your mind: who’s going to ride the pain train next? In fact, this question is so urgent, that you can’t wait the extra 3-5 minutes it’s going to take for the Bilbo Baggins looking fellow from bout committee to waddle over and post the tableau.

If you want to use some math to figure out your next opponent, here’s what you can do:

  1. Take the tableau size (e.g. 32)
  2. Add one (e.g. 33)
  3. Subtract your seed (e.g. let’s say you finished 18th. So, 33-18 = 15)
  4. That’s who you’re going to suplex through a table

So, in summary: (Tableau Size + 1) – (Your Seed) = Who You’re Fencing

In the event you’re fencing an incomplete tableau and your subtraction returns no competitor, kick your feet up and relax. It means you have a bye.

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