A Brief Thank You to Jason Pryor

Following the Kazan World Cup, Jason Pryor announced that he was stepping away from Fencing in what USA Fencing said was likely his “…last senior international bout.”

For his entire fencing career, Jason Pryor has been the epitome of “sportsman,” approaching every bout with a joie de vivre and a sense of humor.

I still remember before a NAC gold medal bout against a younger Anton Piskovatskov, a dead silence fell over the crowd as both competitors approached the strip. Jason lunged at him to loosen up and began to maniacally stroke his mustache like a Bond villain. The whole crowd broke into a collective laughter.

Then there was his dancing. Before, during, and after bouts, win or loss, Jason would spontaneously break out into these awesome dances.

Of course, there was also his Fencing. Few touches in Fencing were prettier than his feint to the hand, drop to the foot which he hit with ease and frequency. I’m happy to have recorded the video below in which he somehow reverse lunged into a beautiful counter-attack under the hand.

He’ll be even more successful in his life post-Fencing, which is saying a lot considering the illustrious career he had.
Thank you Jason for making American Fencing more fun. You will be missed. But don’t be a stranger.

One thought on “A Brief Thank You to Jason Pryor

  1. I had the pleasure of competing against Jason on the world circuit. This guy is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and his passion for the sport is contagious. I’d go out of my way to watch a Pryor match just to vibe off his energy.

    World class athlete, world class person.

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