The Modern Epee Fencer (a Qualitative Summary of my Thesis)

The Modern Epee Fencer © Damien Lehfeldt

The Modern Epee Fencer is a Daredevil

They fence at lunge distance, daring the other to encroach even one inch too close, applying pressure with varying preparation while the pulling fencer disrupts their opponent with provoking half advances and beats. The Modern Epee Fencer, as Clement Schrepfer describes in How to Fence Epee: The Fantastic Four Method, is “beyond the direct reach of the opponent while being close enough that you can easily threaten your opponent with your point without having to get to close.” (Schrepfer, 2015)

Though they fence on the precipice of danger with their distance, the Modern Epee Fencer is still patient, restrained, and calculated as they set up their closing actions—taking nearly 19 seconds to prepare and score.

The Modern Epee Fencer is enabled by their feet first, their hand and blade second, for the Modern Epee fencer understands that by the time they have begun their second tempo, their opponent has already hit them with their first tempo.

The Modern Fencer approaches the touch with the mantra of “complexity in the setup, and simplicity in the finish,” for the window they create to attack is a small one, and when that window opens, the finish is driven by animalistic instincts, for to think in that moment is to hesitate, and to hesitate is to leave the attacker vulnerable to a responsive action. For the Modern Epee Fencer, fortune favors their boldness, as the most success is found in proactivity over reactiveness.

The Modern Epee Fencer need not be of gargantuan height, the Modern Epee Fencer need not be a lefty, the Modern Fencer need not be a French grip or pistol grip fencer, for these variables do not correlate with victory—whatever advantages these things may have, the Modern Epee Fencer has a strategy for each.

And though the Modern Fencer typically finishes their actions with one single tempo—make no mistake of it, the Modern Epee Fencer has a deep repertoire of actions at their disposal, for they are creative, tactically diverse, and able to change strategy at a moment’s notice to turn the tides of a bout in their favor.

Schrepfer, C. (2015). How to fence epee -The fantastic 4 method. Books on Demand.

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  1. Really good, well thought out and useful, especially “The finish is driven by animalistic instincts for to think in the moment is to hesitate.’

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